Aim to exceed weekly recommended physical activity level to offset health harms of prolonged sitting

I have written about the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle numerous times as well as the benefits of regular exercise.

New additional research shows that increasing physical activity can counter early death risk linked to long periods of sedentary time.

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The health harms associated with prolonged sitting can be offset by exceeding weekly recommended physical activity levels, says the World Health Organization (WHO) in new global guidelines on physical activity and sedentary behavior, published in a special dedicated issue of the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

But all physical activity counts and is good for long term health, say the new guidelines.

It’s the first time that a recommendation of this kind has been made. It reflects a large and growing body of evidence linking extensive sedentary time to serious ill health and a heightened risk of early death.

New data published in the same special issue, show that adults who clock up long hours of sedentary time every day can counter these risks by increasing the amount of physical activity they do.


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2 responses to “Aim to exceed weekly recommended physical activity level to offset health harms of prolonged sitting

  1. Well, that’s some good news.
    I sit all day and most of the evening, so I have lots of sitting time to compensate for!

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    • Check out my Page – Do you know the dangers of too much sitting? I think you may rethink choosing lots of sitting time. I think a sedentary lifestyle can be worse than smoking. The reason is that everyone knows smoking is dangerous. Very few people realize the dangers of ‘going sedentary.’


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