Seniors’ positive mood suggests better brain function

Previous research has led to findings that support links between a positive mental outlook and physical health benefits such as lower blood pressure, less heart disease, and healthier blood sugar levels. In a recent study of mood changes in older adults, scientists also have discovered that healthy brain function may result in maintaining a positive outlook.

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For this study, which was funded in part by NIA and published in the American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry in September 2020, scientists proposed a potential neurobiological connection between an older adult’s mood with changes, over a period of time, in white brain matter and cognitive ability. White matter is where information is transmitted from one brain region to another. As we age, changes can occur in the white matter that may lead to thinking, walking, and balance problems.


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3 responses to “Seniors’ positive mood suggests better brain function

  1. That’s very interesting. Jeannie, who suffers from Parkinson’s has bouts of negativity, for no rhyme or reason, but then bounces back. Apparently it is a well-known symptom of PD.

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    • I have read a bit about Parkinson’s. Really scary stuff. She is fortunate to have you there. BTW, I took care of an aunt with Alzheimer’s for the final six years of her life. No one talks much about how hard the disease is on the people who love the afflicted one. It’s a one day at a time deal …

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  2. Paul, I was responding to your comment on Jeannie and the dogs and somehow hit the wrong button and trashed it. My computer literacy does not extend to retrieving it. I am glad that you seem to have Jeannie’s situation in hand. I agree totally about what dogs add to our lives.


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