Vitamin C’s effectiveness against COVID-19 may hinge on vitamin’s natural transporter levels

I have been popping Vitamin C’s for 50 years to fight off cold symptoms. Interesting to learn that this old tried-and-true vitamin might also be useful against COVID-19.

High doses of vitamin C under study for treating COVID-19 may benefit some populations, but investigators exploring its potential in aging say key factors in effectiveness include levels of the natural transporter needed to get the vitamin inside cells.

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Age, race, gender, as well as expression levels and genetic variations of those vitamin C transporters that make them less efficient, all may be factors in the effectiveness of vitamin C therapy against COVID-19 and other maladies, investigators at the Medical College of Georgia Center for Healthy Aging report in a commentary in the journal Aging and Disease.

The investigators recommend that those factors be considered in the design and execution of clinical trials, and when trial results are analyzed, for COVID-19 as well as other conditions, says Dr. Sadanand Fulzele, aging researcher and the article’s corresponding author.


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4 responses to “Vitamin C’s effectiveness against COVID-19 may hinge on vitamin’s natural transporter levels

  1. I love grapefruit and tomatoes and eat one or both almost every day. One grapefruit has over 100% of the daily suggested amount. Don’t know if it helps, but I’ve been trying hard to get my C since I heard it can help prevent me from getting COVID. Even started taking ZINC (already take D). But I prefer to get my vitamins naturally if I can… wonder if it really helps any…

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