Exercising with Arthritis – NIA

Try the different types of exercise below to help relieve symptoms of arthritis. Keep in mind that you may need to avoid some types of activity when joints are swollen or inflamed.

  • Flexibility exercises, such as upper- and lower-body stretching and tai chi, can help keep joints moving, relieve stiffness, and give you more freedom of movement for everyday activities.
  • Strengthening exercises, such as overhead arm raises, will help you maintain or add to your muscle strength to support and protect your joints.
  • Endurance exercises make the heart and arteries healthier and may lessen swelling in some joints. Try activities that don’t require putting a lot of weight on your joints, such as swimming and biking.


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3 responses to “Exercising with Arthritis – NIA

  1. Rubbing castor oil on the joints can be helpful, getting greater benefit from doing the exercises.

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    • Thanks. I am a great believer in those topical remedies. I use, at one time or another, Aspercreme, mustardseed oil, hemp oil, cbd oil.


      • I’ve used Tea Tree oil effectively. Had a bulge below the skin near the top of my skull. Large enough o interfere with getting my hair cut. Got it to shrink down almost to nothing over a period of several weeks.


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