20 years ago today …

Some 20 years ago today I started my retirement. If you have a hard time believing that, don’t feel bad, so do I. For my 80th birthday, last January, my girlfriend gave me a T shirt that says “I thought growing old would take longer.” Truer words were never spoken, or written on a T shirt.

To celebrate this retirement milestone, I would like to pass on to you what I consider to be the most important information you can get regarding retirement.

Don’t fall into the trap…

Retirement refers to the time of life when one chooses to permanently leave the workforce behind.”


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2 responses to “20 years ago today …

  1. GOOD FOR YOU!! 👏🏻 Now that it is cooling off here, I started walking 1.5 miles around my neighborhood before I sit down to work from home (about the time it took me to drive to work). And after work another 2-4 miles (which will be harder as it gets darker). My goal is to hit 10K steps each day. Did not make it this past week, but did at least 3 days. Let’s see if I can do it every day this week 😊 I agree with you 100%!

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