Light drinking may protect brain function

For the record, I have never had a drinking problem. At my worst, I would down a couple of beers at a meal and maybe an after dinner something. So, I don’t want to be giving an excuse to someone who is on the cusp of a drinking problem with this study.

Light to moderate drinking may preserve brain function in older age, according to a new study from the University of Georgia.

The study examined the link between alcohol consumption and changes in cognitive function over time among middle-aged and older adults in the U.S.

“We know there are some older people who believe that drinking a little wine everyday could maintain a good cognitive condition,” said lead author Ruiyuan Zhang, a doctoral student at UGA’s College of Public Health.


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5 responses to “Light drinking may protect brain function

  1. More important than the suggestion light drinking might help cognitive function, heavy drinking decimates it. My father, a life-long alcoholic, died of a combination of Alzheimer’s and “wet brain”. You think plain old Alzheimer’s is bad, you don’t want to see how someone falls off the cliff when they’re a drunk too. It’s horrible.

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  2. Very interesting and informative article. Thank you so much for sharing
    Stay safe and healthy

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