Weekend funnies …

I know we are all in the throes of the coronavirus lockdowns and quarantines. Hope you can enjoy a lighter look at things. I know I am ready for one.









As a resident of the most trigger happy city in the country and the one with the strictest gun laws, I particularly enjoyed this one.




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16 responses to “Weekend funnies …

  1. garrystafford

    Definitely one of your better combos

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  2. Very funny ones Tony!

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  3. Coronavirus getting shot in Chicago is hilarious. Keep it up, Tony. I needed that laugh.

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  4. Uh oh… first one maybe not quite as funny today as a cat in Belgium did test positive and is apparently infected. But AVMA still does not think animals are able to infect humans…. I sure hope that turns out to be the case!!!!

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  5. Must confess though. I like the cat one simply because it is a really funny pic. Truth aside.🤓


  6. Very funny and very needed. Keep them coming and thanks for posting this.

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