A Covid-19 Share

I didn’t write the following, nor am I a doctor, but in the plethora of information on the Covid-19 virus circulating right now, I thought it seemed exceedingly straightforward and helpful. I hope you do, too.




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3 responses to “A Covid-19 Share

  1. Seems easy enough, Tony. Thanks for posting.

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  2. Beth Walsh

    This post is a hoax. I shared it and get ripped by friends

    Beth Walsh


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    • Sorry you feel that way. It sounded very intelligent to me which is why I shared it. I didn’t originate it. Also, I suggest that you learn what a hoax is before you accuse someone of perpetrating one. There is no way this post is a hoax. No one is duped, nor made fun of. There are positive ideas here which may or may not work. I am not sorry for posting it.


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