Tips on overeating – Tufts

One of the key concepts of a living a healthy life and controlling your weight is – “You can’t outrun your fork.” In other words, if you eat badly no matter how much exercise you get it isn’t going to earn you good health. The following tips come from the Tufts Health & Nutrition Letter.

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Focus on NUTRITIONAL quality of food. Highly-processed foods may be more likely to trigger craving and overeating.

Avoid distractions. Focus on the food you’re eating and slow down to increase odds of recognizing when you’ve had enough.

Don’t get too hungry. It may be harder to control food intake and choices when the body’s systems are all screaming for food.

Address stress. Look for ways to cut down on exposure to stressful situations. Try stress-reducing techniques such as meditation and exercise to cut down on stress eating.

Avoid temptation. Fill your pantry with healthy choices that you enjoy, not highly-palatable highly-processed junk food.

Listen to your body. Eat when you are hungry and stop when you are satisfied.

Get enough Sleep. Ensure you get at least seven hours a night.

Support policy change. Government and industry policy changes can improve access to healthy choices and make portions smaller.

Although Tufts letter doesn’t mention this one, I have found that the concept – everything I eat becomes a part of me – really helps me to keep from eating badly.


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6 responses to “Tips on overeating – Tufts

  1. SimplyGrace

    I love this! I feel like a lot of people have problems with portion control. These are some great tips and I will be using some of them!

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  2. All sound advice. Unfortunately it’s not working as we are losing the battle of the bulge. Since you can’t outrun your fork, can I stop exercising now? Just kidding. It does make me hungry, though. I used My Fitness Pal and a diet book and lost some weight, but I was miserable. Could never go out, was spending a lot of time on the app entering every single ingredient and counting calories, and it made food into this whole stressful thing. I’m happier now but yeah, we can do better. One day at a time, like you said.


  3. Like every one but the last…. I don’t trust a politician with anything more important than a lollipop.

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