My mid-December trip to Las Vegas

I have just returned from our annual Christmas season trip to Las Vegas. Thought I would share a few aspects of it. Clearly, what happens in Las Vegas doesn’t have to stay in Las Vegas.


Above is my girlfriend arriving at the airport. She is not handicapped, but does have a bad knee which is worsened by airport treks. I like this shot because it looks like the queen coming to visit.

This was the view out our window on the 44th floor after we checked in to Caesars Palace at dusk. Isn’t that a lovely light?



Above is me at Caesars Palace Food Court in my Christmas sweater. They have a wonderful variety of offerings and I love breakfasting there on a freshly made crepe.


Speaking of freshly made crepes, this strawberry one was my breakfast on more than one of our four mornings at Caesars.

I have mentioned more than once how much I enjoy playing video poker. Here is a Royal Flush I caught early in the trip. If you would like to know more about the game of video poker check out my post from last year – The agony and ecstasy of video poker.


Taking a break from gambling we always see a movie while we are there. A friend of mine once said that we are probably saving several hundred dollars going to a movie in Las Vegas, so we always catch one. This time we chose Ford vs Ferrari with Matt Damon and Christian Bale. Great fun! I recommend it. Nice ’60’s soundtrack, too.


For us, no trip to Caesars would be complete without dinner at Nobu. The absolute pinnacle of the dining on sushi experience. You’re looking at tuna tartar with a dollop of caviar on top. Tastes even better than it looks.


Here are some cute little figurines for sale in one of the Caesars shops. As a dog lover I was enchanted, although not to the point of actually purchasing one.


And finally, here is our pre-flight snack that we always get at the McCarran airport before we leave. They do a wonderful job on the very healthy hummus.




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3 responses to “My mid-December trip to Las Vegas

  1. Lovely Pictures Tony, thanks for sharing lovely Christmas vibes.

    Merry Christmas 🎅

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