WaPo: Terrorist Butcher Fake News

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Who was Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi?  He was among the most bloodthirsty Islamist terrorist demons of the modern age.  Leader/ruler/Caliph of the ISIS Caliphate, he ordered and engaged in torture, beheadings, kidnapping, slavery, rape, the burning alive of people locked in cages and bound on spits, and other medieval atrocities.  Few have so deserved to be sent to their hellish master in the name of humanity and justice.  At President Trump’s order, justice, in the form of Delta Force and Army Rangers, finally caught up with him.  Of course, not everyone was happy about his well-deserved demise, as Fox News reports:

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2 responses to “WaPo: Terrorist Butcher Fake News

  1. Paul

    11:00 AM and only 3 like comments! I guess the majority of your subscribers are “Left Wing Socialists”

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  2. I couldn’t believe that report. What followed was quite enjoyable, though.

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