Two more cool water bottles …

Having just written about The coolest water bottle ever, in fairness to my other cool water bottles, I thought I should mention them, too. They are really neat, too and make my bike rides as enjoyable as possible. For the mathematically keen, yes, that comes to a total of three water bottles. And, yes, my bike only has two cages for water bottles. Stay tuned, there is an explanation.

The first is my bottle from the Eddie Bauer store for outdoor activities.IMG_8232.jpeg

This is my bottle for riding in summer heat. As you can see, besides the drinking spout  there is a nozzle at the top and also a ‘trigger-like’ mechanism that, in fact, functions as a trigger. This allows me to spray my face with a cool mist during summer rides. The bottle boasts a wide mouth so, I have no trouble putting in ice cubes to keep the water temp down. Also, it is well-constructed with an ‘inner bottle’ which means the ice cubes stay solid a long time.


What you see pictured here is “Sporty.” That’s the name of the bottle. I bought one several years ago and loved it so much I immediately ordered several more. Why is it special? That wide blue top contains a blue tooth speaker through which I can play music from my iPhone. Music has always been a big part of my life and this bottle has made it possible for me to upgrade my bike rides immeasurably. I have a Biking Playlist on my phone with over 100 of my favorite songs from my entire life. Through the magic of iTunes, I have been able to purchase songs I listened to as a child in the 1940’s and ’50’s and thought I might never hear again. They include Bumble boogie, by Freddie Martin from around 1946, Mule Train by Frankie Laine, Golden Earrings by Peggie Lee, Exodus by Bob Marley and Mrs. Robinson by Simon and Garfunkle to name a few. So, I am riding down memory lane every morning as well as flying across the pavement on my bike.

In case you hadn’t worked it out by now, the spray bottle gets stored for the fall and winter and the music bottle combines with the my new one to fill my two water bottle cages on the bike.





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  1. inspiringhealthylivingab

    That’s awesome! Who would have thought a water bottle could play music!

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