Bracelet reduces arthritis pain in my hands

I have been writing this blog for more than nine years. In that time I have discussed arthritis pain numerous times. I suffer from arthritis in my hands. Mine resides in the base of my thumb which means that virtually everything I do with my hands causes pain, particularly turning a key, buttoning a shirt.

Remedies I have tried include topical, CBD Oil, Mustard Seed Oil, Australian Dream Cream. All of them have given me some temporary relief. For some years I wore an acrylic cast which partially immobilized my right hand, but also gave it welcome support for many tasks.


My arthritis started around 20 years ago as a mild pain. In case you didn’t know, arthritis only gets worse with age. There are no cool surgeries for the hand such as the ones for the knee and hip.

I am writing this because I stumbled upon a fascinating black lacquered bracelet that has given me some relief. I bought one and after wearing it a few days, found that my other hand was really hurting, but not the one with the bracelet. So, I bought another one. Now, I wear two.

The photo above is from the Amazon ad for the bracelet which you can check here. It is magnetic and then some.

This is directly from the Amazon listing – About the product
  • EXTRA STRENGTH: Powerful 3500 Gauss Magnets, Germanium, Far infrared, Negative ion in each link. Perfect combination of 4 elements. Reduce pain, fatigue & muscle tension. Improve blood circulation, energy, balance, and sleep.
  • 316L STAINLESS STEEL: Handcrafted for the highest quality. Strong Clasp that stays put. 316L Stainless Steel Scalpel grade nonpoisonous and harmless, acidproof alkali! Length: 21.5cm; Width: 1.5cm
  • 100% Hypoallergenic: Guaranteed to be Lead & Nickel free; No more allergic reactions commonly found with stainless steel and copper bracelets & bangles
  • STYLISH DESIGN: So stylish that no one would even suspect it is therapeutic! Designed to look great on both men and women. Different colors to match any attire, style & mood
  • ELEGANT & CONVENIENT: Gorgeous gift-ready presentation with link removal tool (Instructions Included!) to adjust size in the comfort of your own home

You can read the entire listing and decide for yourself if you want to try one for your arthritis or anything else. The copy appears to offer positive results for a variety of conditions.

For the record: I have no financial interest in this product or connection with Amazon regarding sales. I wrote it up simply because it gave me some relief. Maybe it can help you or a loved one who has pain.

Please feel free to share your experience with me if you or someone you know tries it.



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4 responses to “Bracelet reduces arthritis pain in my hands

  1. Hi nice piece of information there… But how does it work/mode of action?

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  2. Tony – Cool surgery – I had the bone at the base of my thumb removed 10 years ago (they replaced it with a piece of tendon). I had arthritis and no cartilage left to speak of in my thumb. It caused constant pain. Since the operation, I have full strength, range of motion and no pain.

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