Kale Is a Surprise on 2019’s ‘Dirty Dozen’ List


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While it may still be considered a super food, kale took third place on this year’s “Dirty Dozen” list of fruits and vegetables with the most pesticide residue. Once again, strawberries and spinach took first and second, as they did on last year’s list.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG), a nonprofit organization focused on human health and the environment, has produced the report annually since 2004.

This year, more than 92% of kale samples tested had two or more pesticide residues detected, and a single sample could have up to 18 different residues, EWG found. The most frequently detected pesticide, found on about 60% of the kale samples, was Dacthal, also called DCPA. It has been classified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a possible human carcinogen, based on animal studies.

The EWG researchers analyzed test data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture for the report, and kale had…

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3 responses to “Kale Is a Surprise on 2019’s ‘Dirty Dozen’ List

  1. Was thinking there’d be a graphic for the dirty dozen… what diet if any do you follow?.I saw you started blogging nine years ago about weight loss. Mine is elusive due to genes, body type, medical conditions and resistance to eating as many vegetables as I should. Sugar addiction being the big challenge. I have no problem eating enough fruit and have cut out 99% of all flour, but to zero effect on my weight. My doctor says if my labs are good then not to worry. Cholesterol is a bit high so seeing a nutritionist again soon, though they’re fairly useless. I’d rather be much lighter but despite all the biking, walking and yoga my weight stays pretty constant. Sleep and stress are a big part of it too, of course. “In the battle of the bulge, as in all wars, I’m a pacifist.” -me

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    • Thanks very much for your comment. The best I can tell you is that calories and exercise worked for me. Also, just forgetting about weight. I eat right as I can and exercise regularly and it works. Every body is the same and totally different. Don’t know if that helps or not.


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