6 Tips for successful aging

Simple, but not easy, is a common description that I seem to hear all the time. I have accumulated some simple, and I hope easy, tips for successful aging. These are from Dana Corp.’s Brain in the News.

adult care cure doctor

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

1. Be physically active – 30 minutes a day – three days a week. Easy peasy.

2. Reduce your cardiovascular risk factors – including hypertension, diabetes and smoking.

3. Manage your medications by reviewing them with a clinician and learning about their effects on your cognitive health.

4. Be socially and intellectually active.

5. Get enough sleep. I can’t stress this enough. If  you want to know more about this utterly simple step, please check out my Page – How important is a good night’s sleep?

6. Guard against delirium, a decrease in cognitive function that can be triggered by hospitalization, medications and certain illnesses.




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8 responses to “6 Tips for successful aging

  1. #4 is a big one. Laughing regularly and enjoying the company of others has such a positive effect on both our brains and bodies.

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  2. good list. I thought they set the bar a little low one number 1 though it’s a lot better being sedentary

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  3. Great list – I can happily tick all of these off. There is definitely deeper levels to go if you’re really seriously about preventing the effects of ageing.

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  4. Number six is a bit too vague to be helpful, don’t you think?

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    • Maybe you are right. As a senior, I don’t suffer from delirium, but maybe others do. They list several possible sources of it. I know that a lot of my fellow seniors take a ton of medications. Any of those could be a source of it. I know when I took care of my aunt who had Alzheimer’s in her 90’s she took about nine different medicines every day. Slipping cognition is widespread among seniors and takes many forms.


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