Sushi, euphoria and video poker …

This is a repeat of an item I wrote a couple of years ago. I thought you might enjoy reading it.

I hope you are asking yourself how could those three seriously diverse elements possibly be related. If you are, good. That is precisely the reason I am writing this post. Maybe you can answer that question.

I have just returned from four nights at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. I have written about going to Las Vegas and gambling there previously. Last May I wrote – Off to Las Vegas – The agony and ecstasy of video poker. In several past posts I also talked about the various wonderful meals we have had there.


This is the Nobu specialty – black cod – from our meal last week.

Over the last couple of years on at least five occasions, something weird and wonderful has happened to me that I can not explain except that it is a series of the most incredible coincidences I have ever experienced. I am writing this up in the hopes that a reader will be able to point out what I am missing in understanding it.


This was our dessert when we went on our anniversary.

Here goes: I grew up gambling and playing games. My family always played games, Monopoly, card games, rummy, etc. So, I started as a child. I also grew up on the west side of Chicago which was, to put it nicely, a joe-six-pack neighborhood. I was pitching pennies with my friends from the time I was 10 years old. I saw this as just another form of game playing only if you won you got to keep the money. As I grew up I played cards, dice, shot pool and bowled for money, regularly.

In college I got my degree in Finance. Investing (risk-taking) clearly resonated with me. There, I learned the mathematics of probability which honed my gambling abilities.

Tuesday night my girlfriend and I had dinner at Nobu, the sushi restaurant in Caesars Palace. We usually consider our dinner at Nobu to be  one of the high points of our trip, because of the quality of the food as well as the ambiance of the place.

If you are  unfamiliar with the Nobu Restaurants, here is a brief introduction from Wikipedia: “Nobuyuki “Nobu” Matsuhisa … is a Japanese celebrity chef and restaurateur known for his fusion cuisine blending traditional Japanese dishes with Peruvian ingredients. His signature dish is black cod in miso. He has restaurants bearing his name in several countries.

I have eaten and loved sushi since my introduction to it in the early 1970’s. But, the experience that we have every time we go to Nobu is off the charts. The service is excellent, thorough, but not intrusive. The food quality exceeds every other sushi restaurant I have eaten at. Even the background music is special. And, finally, they serve cappuccino afterwards instead of traditional Japanese tea. I love cappuccino after a meal.

Here is where the magic comes in. The last five times we have eaten there, I have walked out feeling wonderful, bordering on euphoric. It is usually early evening and we go to play video poker for an hour or two before retiring for the evening.

A couple of visits back, I walked out of Nobu and told my girlfriend that I felt so good that I knew I was going to catch a Royal Flush.

If you are unfamiliar with poker hands. A Royal is the highest hand you can get. It includes the top five ranked cards all of the same suit. The chances of catching a Royal being dealt five cards and then discarding and drawing cards is about one in 40,000. I play regularly and have often gone six months without getting one. So, my statement was strange, bordering on ridiculous, to say the least.

Here is the reason for this post: I did catch a Royal that evening. AND, in the past five visits I have caught three Royals and one of the times while I didn’t catch a Royal, I did have several big winning hands.


Holding three cards to a Royal, your chances of catching are one in 1081 chances.

The only explanation for this incredible, vastly improbable, occurrence that I can think of is the euphoria from our dinner at Nobu. I hasten to add that if you told me this  happened to you I would probably not believe you. At the very least I would think you were exaggerating. But, it happened to me and my girlfriend witnessed it – three Royals after the last five dinners. Off the probability charts!

What do you think?



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  1. I think I’d be eating there more often!

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