Happy Birthday, Wonder Woman

Regular readers know that I have a special place in my heart for Wonder Woman. We are about the same age and I discovered her comics as a child back in the 1940’s. I grew up reading her exploits and as a result learning to admire and appreciate strong independent women. I owe her a lot.

The first appearance of Wonder Woman was her introduction into All Star Comics in December 1941.

1 All Star Comics 8 december 1941 featuring wonder woman.jpg

Her first actual book was in Sensation Comics in January 1941.


The first comic in her name came out a year later.


In the story the ‘birth’ of Diana came about in a special way. Her mother, Hippolyte created a statue of a little girl out of clay and Aphrodite gave the statue life.


Unlike most comic heroes, Wonder Woman came from a very intellectual background. You can check out Jill Lepore’s book – The Secret History of Wonder Woman on Amazon.



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