Weekend funnies …

Okay, the mid-terms are over. We can all breathe a sigh of relief. There was something in them for everyone. Kick back and enjoy these …


The fun of being a pup.



Does he know something we don’t?




This is a special for dog lovers.


Tha’t what I call nailing the landing.



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10 responses to “Weekend funnies …

  1. Good round this week, Tony. I loved them all.

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  2. Tony, I am a high school journalism teacher, and we are working on an article about the cold and flu season. I was looking for a cool graphic to go with it, and I found one that you used on this post: https://guysandgoodhealth.com/tag/colds/ It’s an illustration of a guy sneezing into a tissue. Could you allow us to use it, only for purposes of our school newspaper?


    • Thanks for your query. Actually, the link you sent me does not go to a post with an illustration like you mention. Could you recheck and send the correct link. It is likely that the art was copyright free and you can use it, but please check with me.


  3. That doggy with the leaves! 😍😍 What a cute and smart animal!

    And that duck made me laugh so loud! These were awesome again, as usual. Have a good weekend, Tony! πŸ™‚

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  4. All of these are great and funny Tony. Although that first little pup might be somewhat of a nuisance to have around the house!!! Haha!!

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