The most popular Halloween costume this year? – Wonder Woman

For the second straight year, the Wonder Woman costume is proving to be the most popular this Halloween. Herewith my post from last year.

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As a die hard Wonder Woman fan, I was thrilled to learn that her costume is the most popular one this Halloween. This is undoubtedly due to the superb Wonder Woman film starring Gal Gadot which came out earlier. As I mentioned in a previous post, I have been a Wondy – ❤️ – fan since I first read her comic books in the 1940’s as a kid. She is a strong admirable woman who is a super role model for  girls of all ages.

8c0053d5fbda93dc6f8a6bab521e9975.jpgA very early version


90b9a234f32198ba431b799bafdcd663.jpgGal Gadot in the film


a7d17773bfb663d4da180deedc8b67eb.jpgThe 2017 film version

dbf52b8ea16b7be815fd34674feba164.jpgLynda Carter and Gal Gadot

80824195e3cc1f4d100ab9c6779a8b97.jpgIn case you missed it, Wondy’s birthday was October 25 and I posted a Happy Birthday for her.


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3 responses to “The most popular Halloween costume this year? – Wonder Woman

  1. I Love Wonder Woman ☺️

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