Weekend funnies …

Sometimes it seems to me that times flies even when I’m not having fun. Anyway, it’s almost the weekend. Hope you have fun with these….





Not all cats are assholes - Imgur.gif






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5 responses to “Weekend funnies …

  1. In the wake of the news cycle, I don’t think we are allowed to laugh at the last one. In fact, and let me know if I’m wrong here, I think I’m supposed to be offended and write mean things about you, claiming you’re a bad person because you think the rape and abuse of women is a joke… Then, if I’m right (or left as the case would be), I think you’re supposed to lose your income and be shipped off to a reeducation camp until such a time as you see the evil error in your ways. Um, then I’m supposed to write #Metoo… which oddly translates to pound me too.

    I’m so confused, because it made me laugh… which means all of that bad stuff should happen to me too… but I have a get out of reeducation camp free card because I was assaulted as a youngster. I forgave the person, though, and didn’t let the event define my life, so I think that puts me back on the hook. I think I need to go into hiding or something.

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  2. I want a bicycle like that! 😀
    You just… gotta love what animals come up with, like the squirrel and the dog :’)

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