Did you win in Las Vegas …?

Did you win? That’s always the question people ask when I mention having gone to Las Vegas. Please consider this a companion piece to what I posted May 12 –The agony and ecstasy of video poker.

Back 20 years ago when I was married, my wife and I had a subscription to Chicago’s famed Lyric Opera. A night at the opera would easily run in the neighborhood of $500, considering the ticket prices, well north of $100 each, cabs to and from, dinner out and a baby sitter. No one ever asked – Did you win? upon hearing that we went to the opera. How was the performance? What did you see? How was the production? Those were the kind of questions asked.

The fact is that my girlfriend and I played a lot of video poker on the trip. BUT, that wasn’t all we did.

Here is a shot of the beautiful fountain at Bellagio out the window of our room.


You can see the dancing waters of the fountains. At night the view was more spectacular.

Like any trip there were lovely meals out. Here are pics from a few of ours.


These were delicious baked clams at Rao’s on our first night there. New York readers are familiar with Rao’s.

Here are a couple more shots of meals we enjoyed.


Divers scallops at Searsucker in Caesars.

I particularly enjoyed this dessert at Searsucker: Warm Toll House cookies and milk. Doesn’t that seem so UN-Las Vegas?


There are lots of fascinating shops at Caesars, not to mention its famed Forum Shops.


These were in one of the windows. Don’t ask how much they cost.

One last taste treat was this strawberry crepe at the Paris Hotel and Casino across the strip from Caesars.


Yes, it tasted as good as it looks.

Since I mentioned my video poker playing I wanted to include one shot of a winning hand.


I have played VP for years, but it is always a thrill to catch one of these.

As I mentioned in the May 12 post, I grew up playing games. The games I play in the casino are just more of the same. The only difference is that now there is money on the line. But, the fact is that game-playing is entertainment for me. I have no illusions about walking away a winner in the long run. I know the casinos only offer games with the odds in their favor. I just like to play the games.

So, the bottom line is that while I finished with a slight negative return on my play over the five days, I had a great trip away with my girlfriend and absolutely felt like I won on balance. We look forward to going again next month.

I do have one more personal aspect to add. Maybe it has to do with the order out of chaos concept that I mentioned in the first post. I’m not sure, but some years ago, I started taking a digital camera with me and shooting interesting draws. I have hundreds by now, not just the Royal Flush kind. Here is an example:


Drawing holding a single high card you are unlikely to win much.For the record, in this instance I was hoping to pair the queen once or twice. However, in the case above, I caught two straights, trips and paired the queen once out of five hands. I wish I could tell you the odds on that, but I haven’t a clue. Suffice to say – it is a long shot that came in. It was fun to catch and also to photograph.



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2 responses to “Did you win in Las Vegas …?

  1. Always wanted to go to Las Vegas. Seems like such a fun place. Hopefully the right question won’t be “how much did you lose”?

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    • You can have a great time there and not gamble at all. The shows are amazing. My daughter is 23 and while she hasn’t gone her friends have and they just do the club and music scene.

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