Bad habits that can hurt your brain – Web MD

I find myself writing something every week on how exercise benefits the brain as well as the body. I hope you are getting yours regularly. The other side of the coin includes actions we do or omit on a regular basis that harm our body as well as our brain. Here are some from WebMD.


Not surprisingly, their first is not getting enough sleep. ” … lack of sleep may be a cause of dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease. It’s best to have regular sleeping hours. If you have trouble with sleep, avoid alcohol, caffeine, and electronics in the evening, and start a soothing bedtime ritual.”

I feel strongly about getting enough sleep. Check out my Page – How important is a good night’s sleep? for lots more details.

Too much junk food is another one. Turns out junk food doesn’t just add empty calories to your diet and inches to your waistline. “Parts of the brain linked to learning, memory, and mental health are smaller in people who have lots of hamburgers, fries, potato chips, and soft drinks in their diet. Berries, whole grains, nuts, and green leafy vegetables, on the other hand, preserve brain function and slow mental decline.”

As a kid who grew up playing rock and roll in the ’50’s, I got daily doses of”Turn that down!”  Now, it turns out that blasting your earbuds leads to hearing loss which is linked to loss of brain tissue.

The second part of my mantra – eat less; move more; live longer is major.  You don’t move enough. WebMD says, “The longer you go without regular exercise, the more likely you are to have dementia. You’re also more likely to get diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure — all of which may be linked to Alzheimer’s….”

I confess that when I still see people smoking I am amazed. How anyone with the ability to read will smoke is beyond my comprehension. Here are WebMD’s words, “It can shrink your brain — and that’s not a good thing. It makes your memory worse and makes you twice as likely to get dementia, including Alzheimer’s. It also causes heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and high blood pressure.”

If that isn’t enough, check out my Page – How many was does smoking harm you?  I also include the positive changes you can expect in your body on the first day you quit.

 Lighten up! WebMD warns not to stay in the dark too much. “If you don’t get enough natural light, you may get depressed, and that can slow your brain. Research also shows that sunlight helps keep your brain working well.”
I have cherry-picked these habits. You can check the WebMD link in the first paragraph to read them all.




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