My lost weekend …

I am just finishing up the remains of a lost weekend. You may not remember the book and/or movie of that name about an alcoholic. I do. I was a little kid when the movie came out in the 1940’s and had the bad luck to be brought to see it with my mother. It was way beyond my pay grade at the time and I remember having nightmares about a bat flying through a hole in a wall and bleeding. Anyway, my current lost weekend has nothing to do with alcohol.


Friday started out normal, I got up early and rode my bike, then breakfasted with my girlfriend and took the dog for her walk. I had to bring her in for her semiannual physical checkup as she is a 12-year-old senior canine.

After the vet visit I brought her home, fixed lunch and then walked the pooch again. It was now nearly 1:00 PM, time for another bike ride. My back was sore, though, so I thought I would lie on the floor with my feet up on a chair for five minutes or so to relieve my back pain. I learned this position in a yoga class years ago and it works very well. I assumed the position and relaxed. The next thing I knew, I was waking up and it was 1:25 PM. I had slept almost a half hour in the middle of the day!

Upon rising I also became aware that I was still very tired and certainly did not have the energy to take the bike out. So, I took off my cycling outfit and went to bed to rest. I fell asleep again and didn’t wake up till 4:30 PM. Wow. Two things struck me immediately, I still felt tired and I had to get up to walk the pooch again.

With great difficulty, I roused my non-responsive body and put some clothes on. I live in a high rise building and found myself leaning on the elevator wall to support myself on the ride downstairs.

Mercifully, the dog didn’t want to do much walking and we returned home in short order.

As my girlfriend was coming over for dinner, I left the door unlocked and went directly back to bed to see if I couldn’t restore some energy with further rest. I must also confess that at this point I was becoming a little frightened at my lack of energy. I wondered if at 78 years of age this wasn’t what it was like to begin to die. I am cursed with a vivid imagination…

For the record, at no time in this experience did I have any pain. I felt only the slightest awareness of my stomach. Not pain, but more like someone had touched me there. That was it. Also, I had felt alternately overheated and then chilled to the bone. When I first decided to nap rather than ride, I had to peel off all my layers for the 30 degree temps outside. I felt relief at first as I lay on the bed in my underwear, but that didn’t last. I soon found myself chilled to the bone and had to pull the covers up over me to warm up.

My girlfriend showed up around 5:30 PM and located me in the bedroom. Although not asleep, I wasn’t going anywhere. Still under the covers, I told her what had gone on since 1:00 PM and said I thought I was staying in bed.

She felt my arms and said I felt feverish and that I looked gray.

I sank back into slumber and remained that way for at least another hour. Upon waking, I heard her in the kitchen at about the same time I experienced a sharp pain like a punch in my stomach. I leapt out of bed and ran to the bathroom where I vomited repeatedly for about a minute.

Getting that poison out of my system revived me somewhat and I was able to join my girlfriend in the living room.

She wondered aloud if I was experiencing a bout of the flu. We both got flu shots, but have heard like everyone else that the vaccine this year was off a bit and was possibly only 20 percent or so effective. As her late husband was a doctor, I hold her medical observations in a pretty high regard.

I managed to stay awake a few more hours with her and then crashed again and slept through the night.

On Saturday morning I awoke not so much refreshed as rested. I could feel that my body was very low energy. I took it easy all day limiting my exercise to walking my pooch three times.

Sunday seems to be more of the same with a slight upgrade in energy. I am still very low key and I haven’t ridden my bike although the weather looks beautiful and there is no wind. I kind of feel like I did when I was 10 years old and got a bike for Christmas. I looked out the window and there was snow on the ground, so, I had to wait to ride my new bike.

Upon more than 24 hours reflection on this experience I wonder if I didn’t have a case of some kind of food poisoning. When that has happened in the past I had similar symptoms in terms of the vomiting, etc. and then relief. I have never had the sleeping thing happen where I just didn’t have energy to get out of bed. I did eat some of the remains of a sandwich from an eatery that was in my fridge on Friday. That might have been the culprit.

I am writing this on Sunday morning and believe hope that I am out of the woods and fully in recovery.

Fingers crossed.


Thanks, and a tip of Tony’s topper to reader Garry (see comments) for solving my mystery malady for me. He suggested that I look up norovirus as my symptoms sounded similar. Indeed, they were, including acute muscular soreness which i neglected to mention. One of the aspects of blogging that I especially enjoy is the interaction with readers who respond to stuff I send. I learn something every time I post.







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4 responses to “My lost weekend …

  1. garrystafford

    I’d think that you’re probably past it. Sounds like you had/have a norovirus. Often mistaken for, or called, stomach flu. Google it. I think you may agree. Hope you’re back on the bike first thing tomorrow!

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    • Thanks for the suggestion, Garry. Will check it out. I did check it out and it sounds spot on. Don’t know about the crowded situation, but the symptoms seems on point. Will need to push more fluids, but the worst is definitely behind me.


  2. Get better fast, Tony.

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  3. Hope you feel better soon Tony

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