I’m so old that …

Regular readers know that I am an old guy. I will celebrate my 78th birthday a week from today. So, I thought for a change from my weekly fitness funnies, I would share some “I’m so old …” humor.












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7 responses to “I’m so old that …

  1. Happy almost birthday! That’s a year not everyone can say they’ve made it too!! 😉

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  2. I can identify with all of these, especially the wax coke bottles and the candy cigarettes? Remember the powder they had on the candy cigarette so when you first blew on them it looked like smoke was coming from them?! LOL!

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    • HI, Gail! Thanks for commenting. I didn’t remember the powder. I wonder if we had different candy. Ours were hard little white rods with red dye at the end.

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      • Yes, ours were chalky like rods with red dye at the end and which came in a cigarette box. I guess the powder was just from then getting banged around in the box. One blow on the candy cig blew all that powder off and it really did look like smoke for just that one “puff.” We’d usually eat them after that one “puff.”


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