6 Ways to a better memory – Infographic

When I was in the working world, my memory was constantly being tested. Now that I am retired my memory concerns have morphed. Being a senior citizen, I feel more aware of and am more concerned about my memory for non-professional, but very personal, reasons. I have suffered from senior moments ever since I was in my fifties. I hope that is all they are and not a prelude to any serious cognitive situations. I thought this little infographic on building up your memory might be useful to you no matter what your age is.



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5 responses to “6 Ways to a better memory – Infographic

  1. Nice infography. Any one can practice easily.

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  2. I have an absolutely horrible ability to remember names! It is so frustrating. I am able to remember other things, and learn new things. But I have always struggled with names. This is a good reminder of how overall health can affect memory.

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  3. I am 74 and live on a VA campus in Kansas. A lot of the old vets here are concerned about their memory-slippage and a few of us are trying to deal with it by playing chess regularly. It actually seems to help.

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    • Thanks, for sharing that, Jules. Please check out the blog for other techniques. Exercise is one of the best, but use the SEARCH box to find subjects, like aging, memory, cognition etc. There is lots of info available here for you.

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