Two days – no exercise – Doctor’s orders

WHAT MADNESS IS THIS??? Sentenced to the sedentary penitentiary? By a medical man?

I am still the guy who wakes up in the morning looking forward to hopping on the bike and cranking up 10+ miles before breakfast. A flashback is in order.

Two weeks ago I had a big medical week. My annual physical and flu shot were due and I was having trouble chewing on one of my wisdom teeth. So, I had a doctor’s appointment and a dentist appointment in the same week. My normally robust good health keeps me out of doctors’ offices most weeks of the year.


So, I fasted in the morning, saw the doctor, had my blood drawn and left the hospital ravenous for food. So much for the doctor’s visit. My doctor was kind enough email me my blood work results that evening.

Component Results

Component Your Value Standard Range
Guideline: < 170 mg/dl, Optimal (Not to be construed as a target for drug therapy.)
Guideline: < 100 mg/dl, Optimal (Not to be construed as a target for drug therapy.) > 499 mg/dl, Highly abnormal (Please review with your medical team.)
Guideline: > 50 mg/dl, Optimal (Not to be construed as a target for drug therapy.)
LDL CHOL (CALC) 109 mg/dL
Guideline: < 100 mg/dl, Optimal (Not to be construed as a target for drug therapy.) > 189mg/dl, Highly abnormal (Please review with your medical team.)
Non-HDL Cholesterol 118 mg/dL
Guideline: < 120 mg/dl, Optimal (Not to be construed as a target for drug therapy.) > 219 mg/dl, Highly abnormal (Please review with your medical team.)

As you can see from the table above, I was in pretty good physical shape.

So, the bulk of my medical concerns were behind me it seemed. My entire body checked out. Then came the dentist visit for one lousy tooth.

That trip wasn’t nearly as positive as the doctor’s. It turned out that the reason I couldn’t chew with the tooth is that it had a cracked root. Trouble with a capital T.

I made an appointment with an oral surgeon and he confirmed that the tooth had to go. That occurred yesterday afternoon. The surgery took over a half hour and I had a very numb and sore upper jaw – minus one tooth – when he finished.

It turns out that after a surgery like I  experienced, you are not permitted to exercise for AT LEAST two days. The doctor said that I could try riding the bike on Friday, but if I experienced throbbing in the tooth area I needed to cut the ride short. So, I am now one half day into the two day sedentary sentence. I am also taking a round of antibiotics to protect my system from infection as well as some painkillers several times a day. On the plus side, I am not in pain at all. I was able to eat nearly normally today, chewing on the 75% of my teeth that work. The main thing is the void in my day of exercise. I am limiting myself to dogwalks and that is it.

I have to confess that it is a strange feeling to be so sedentary. A small part of my consciousness feels guilty because I am not using my body, but my brain says ‘hogwash it is all for the best.’ Also, my energy is definitely low key. So, I am not chomping at the bit to get riding.

The good news is that I have less than 48 hours to go on my sentence.



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11 responses to “Two days – no exercise – Doctor’s orders

  1. Jan

    be sure to get some good bacteria into yourself to offset the effects of the anti biotics! Kimchi, apple cider vinegar, pill form with right strains of good bacteria (Align) Antibiotics caused me serious side effects in the gut (c-diff), wish I would have known

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  2. I understand this from a psychological point of view. I’ve been where you are. Just remember, walking is still exercise, just not as intense as your bike riding. You’ll be saddled back up in no time!

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  3. Hey, call it a couple of days off! Enjoy the time off, Tony. It’s okay for two days. 😉

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  4. SUE

    I relate to your feels, when I miss my goal for the day…I’m actually mad at myself. I get over it fast BUT I sure don’t like it. Had knee surgery few years ago and as soon as the Dr. said riding a bike is the best I was out the door! Hang in there.

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  5. Sounds like you’re doing real well Tony. Two days will go by quickly….research and write some posts, rent a few good movies….go to a bookstore and enjoy some leisure reading and enjoy the break from exercise. Even our bodies like the break from our routines. You’ll come back motivated and stronger.

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