Substance vs. Form – liberal students react to tax plan

This video was somewhat surprising and very disappointing to me when I first caught it on the news. I was thrilled to find it on You Tube so I could share it with you. As a 77 year old, I confess that I sometimes have a hard time relating to and/or understanding Milennials.

Campus Reform made this video in which they interviewed college students for their reaction to Trump’s tax plan. Initially, they criticized the Trump plan as ‘horrible for the middle class,’ ‘better for the upper class than anyone else,’ ‘pretty negative,’ etc.

Then the students were told specific details from a plan, but that the details were actually Bernie Sanders’s plan.

Increasing the child tax credit was seen as ‘positive’ and very  helpful to young parents. Eliminating the death tax was seen as  positive also. Also, lowering the small business tax rate to 25% max was considered helpful and positive. In sum, in the words of one student, it was better than anything that Trump was proposing.

They expressed surprise that they liked Trump’s ideas and that they actually agreed with Trump on some things.

I hope you enjoy the video.


I think the most disappointing thing here is that all the students knew in advance they they didn’t like the Trump tax plan because it came from Donald Trump. Yet when they actually learned some of the plan’s details, they could see the benefits to tax payers. There seems to be some terrible liberal bias on campus as evidenced by this video.



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3 responses to “Substance vs. Form – liberal students react to tax plan

  1. That isn’t even a little bit surprising. Sadly.

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  2. I was not shocked at this. So many college students do not have critical thinking skills.

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