Obesity rates around the world

Maybe this is part of the curse of affluence, but it is the wrong contest to be way out in front of the competition. Shamefully, obesity rates in the U.S. far outstrip the rest of the world.


I have posted on the dangers of obesity in the past:

A fresh look at obesity – Harvard

How does obesity cause disease in organs distant from where the fat accumulates?

Public largely ignorant about obesity risks

How does obesity affect you?

What about belly fat? Central obesity



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2 responses to “Obesity rates around the world

  1. Samantha

    7th from below! My silly country’s not even doing that bad! Although, of course, each case of obesity is bad on its own. I just lost a few pounds myself, so kudos to me for helping bring down the average 😉 Just kidding. Obesity is a serious matter, I hope this will open more eyes, Tony.

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