I battle a head cold …


I flew back from Las Vegas about two weeks ago. As a Chicagoan, that means I had about a four hour flight. Because of the atmospheric change between Chicago and Las Vegas, ie., the increase in humidity and the fact that Las Vegas is about a half mile above sea level, I usually ease into my bike riding exercise upon return. So, the first day back I rode 10 miles and the second 15. During the rides and afterwards, I was vaguely aware of a tickle in my throat and my nose got kind of sniffle-y. I didn’t pay much attention to it. So, the first round went to the cold. I should have started eating 500 MG Vitamin C tablets at the first sign. You can blast a cold out of your system if you catch it early enough.  I foolishly attributed the sniffles and sore throat to jet lag, etc. I was wrong.


By the fourth day, I was coughing, sneezing and my throat was killing me. I had a hard time sleeping. The cold flourished like this for several days.

I finally switched over to actively fighting it. I pushed fluids. Drank nothing but soup, tea and broths for the next two days. I also stopped riding the bike, not wanting to make  undue demands on my system. Lastly, I made several smoothies in my Vita-mix machine.


Our view of the fountain at Bellagio seemed a million miles away.

My fluid salvo helped and over the next few days, I went back to eating solid foods and resumed bike riding, but again on a limited basis.

I also found that during those days that the battle raged, I was sleeping a lot of hours. Good for my body.

It is now two weeks since I landed and I think I am back to normal, although I am still sleeping 30 minutes to an hour longer a night.

Just for the record: I am 77 years old. I consider any affliction which I experience to be a potential major health problem and I treat it accordingly. I seem to remember 10 or 15 years ago when I would catch a cold, I could throw it off in a couple of days. Certainly, a week at the outside.

I don’t have a lot of friends that are my age. Most of my firends are 25 or more years younger than I. So, I am usually the one counseling them on what to expect as they age. I spoke to my baby brother, 74 years old, who also enjoys excellent health, about how he gets along with colds. He said he thought it was usually a week to throw one off, too, but definitely longer than some years ago.

I know that my readers span decades in age, so I would like to ask any seniors out there about what they experience with colds and their duration. Does it get longer as you age? Is that normal? Also, do you have medical experience that you can share in this discussion?

Please feel free to offer any information you can add. We will all benefit from it.







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5 responses to “I battle a head cold …

  1. Hope you feel better soon. When I have a cold or flu I always do shots of raw honey, cinnamon and unprocessed apple cider vinegar. It can usually knock either out of my system in 3 days. I also mix apple cider vinegar in my juice or water as a preventative measure at least a few times a week (my great-grandmother swore by it and took it daily). I am not a senior yet (48) but have noticed that I recover from things slower than I used to.

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  2. I apologize for not offering advice relating to colds. But my question does relate to the “slow healing” process you’re talking about. This summer, I put on an extra end pounds I don’t need (stress eating). Though I’m not technically overweight at this point, I’m getting close and I’m not comfortable with the extra pounds. However, I’m almost 63 and find it takes sooo much longer to take off the pounds and I have to eat less than before (temporarily to lose the weight. Any advice on how to have patience with my older body that takes longer to take off weight? Any advice for moments when I feel frustrated because a pound piles on much faster than it used to? What can I say to myself to help myself focus and take off the extra weight? Thank you!

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    • Thanks for your query. First of all, forget the 63 thing. When I started this blog I was 70, but simply paying attention to portion control and serving size melted off the pounds. I lost something like 10 pounds in a couple of months. I think if you focus on living a healthy life, getting enough exercise every day and eating good food in intelligent quantities you will soon find that you don’t have a weight problem. Anyway, please let me know if this proves helpful to you or not. Good luck!!


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