Let’s seek out health

Watching TV the other day, I was struck by how many ads there are for drugs to solve our health problems. We seem to think of drugs as some kind of permanent answer to problems that may only be temporary. Never mind that the list of side effects is often longer than the supposed benefits of taking the drugs in the first place.






 Eat less; move more; live longer is a really simple way of living and thinking about our lives. If we put this mantra into our heads each morning, we could forget the temporary problem of weight that seems to plague most of us.

Eat good food in reasonable amounts and make sure you get some exercise every day of your life. Avoid bad habits like drinking too much alcohol and smoking. Finally, make sure you get enough sleep. Pay attention to those simple aspects of your life and you will solve a multitude of problems before they ever arise. 

The following Pages have more details on these elements:

How important is a good night’s sleep?

How many ways does smoking harm you?

Important facts about your brain (and exercise benefits)



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3 responses to “Let’s seek out health

  1. Samantha

    It sounds so simple, yet a lot of people fail to keep such a lifestyle up (myself included, at times).

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    • I should have added, simple, but not easy. Remember, it’s a one day at a time deal, Samantha. The body is forgiving. You can always come back. I abused mine for 40 years and it still let me come back.

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  2. It’s still amazing to me that we have such a difficult time behaving in a manner consistent with healthy living. The ability to ENJOY life should not be viewed as a task, but rather a pleasure. Our cultural patterns and lifestyles from generation to generation have transformed to such a degree, we have lost touch with what should innately guide us to healthy living. We have abandoned basic health tenets in favor of speed, taste and technology. Awakening to this reality only occurs after enough PAIN is experienced from living this dangerous lifestyle. Even then, people look for reasons to return to these unhealthy patterns that CAUSED their compromised health in the first place. “WISHING” is not enough to achieve and maintain quality health!


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