Reduce body fat; keep muscle mass – Infographic

I thought there was some good info in this. Enjoy!



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7 responses to “Reduce body fat; keep muscle mass – Infographic

  1. Great info that clearly explains the need for proper “fuel” and for proper exercise. Amazing how good these info graphs can be.

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  2. The crazy part of this that always throws me off is that you need “extra” calories to gain muscle…not a ton, but if you’re eating at a calorie deficit, you’ll do well to maintain the muscle you have in the meantime. If you eat at the level you need to gain a pound of muscle, you’ll also probably gain some fat in the meantime. It’s a tricky game, which is why body builders do their clearly defined “bulk” and “cut” phases. For most of us, it can feel like we’re taking 2 steps forward, 1 step back, constantly.

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    • You are painting with an extremely fine brush there. I am sure you are correct. Frankly, I just try to eat intelligently and exercise regularly. That has kept me within five pounds of 150 for the past six years.

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      • That’s an interesting way of putting it, but yes, my brush is getting finer lol. Weight maintenance is an interesting thing – and for me, it’s extremely un-motivating, so I’m constantly setting new goals for muscle gains/ fat losses/ endurance. I haven’t always been healthy, so progress is slow sometimes. But it’s an amazing thing to look back at the last 6 months and see 6 months of actual progress! 🙂

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      • Keep up the good work! BTW, I assume you wear a helmet biking. Please, also, invest in some cycling gloves. There are tons of cyclists who end up in the Emergency Ward with injuries to their hands when they fall. You can get a nice pair of Bontragers for $15 from Amazon.

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      • I wear a helmet and cycling gloves 😉

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