Use exercise to help depression – WebMD

I have done a number of posts on depression – a mood disorder very common and often misunderstood. One of the first things you need to know about depression is that it is a disorder of cognition not just mood, according to Robert D. Edger, M.D. speaking before Northwestern Memorial Hospital’s Healthy Transitions Program® . You don’t just buck  up or keep smiling to get rid of it. You usually need a medical intervention. Statistics show that possibly 75 percent of sufferers do not get medical help.


Here are my pup and me several years ago riding in Chicago’s annual Bike the Drive up Lake Shore Drive. A bike is a super tool for fighting depression.

Here are a few suggestions from WebMD that at least offer some relief from depression. Needless to say, I was happy to see that, once more, exercise casts some light into the darkness of this situation.  Click on the link to read them all.

Walk or run –  “You don’t have to run a marathon or be a speed demon. You don’t even have to run. Start with walking, and you can decide if you want to go faster as you get stronger. It’s not just the exercise that helps — the great outdoors can lift your mood, too.”

I am a giant fan of walking. Check out my Page – Why you should walk more for lots more information.

Garden – “Touching soil may boost a key brain chemical called serotonin, and that can help lift depression. You’ll also be active and outside. If you don’t have a patch of dirt of your own, call a local community garden to see if you could work a plot there.”

I have never done much gardening being a city kid, but everyone I have ever known who did it told me how very much they enjoyed it.

 Exercise at work –“If you need a distraction to get your mind off negative thoughts, take a few minutes and step away from your desk. Find a quiet place and do some stretching, or go up and down a flight of stairs — anything that gets you moving can boost your mood.”
Bike – “You can get good exercise on a stationary one, but hitting the bike path is a great way to take in the world around you. You don’t need anything fancy — any two-wheeler will do. Ride it to the store, the coffee shop, or your friend’s house. Just make sure to get it checked by a mechanic first, and don’t forget to wear a helmet.”
There is no way I could neglect to include their suggestion on biking. I have dealt with all aspects of bike riding for the nearly eight years I have been writing this blog. If you want to  know more about biking benefits, click on the biking tab at the right. One last item, WebMD mentioned wearing a helmet to protect your head. It is also very important that you wear biking gloves. They will protect your hands from glass and dirt in a spill.


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  1. Looking at your dog in its basket, it looks like cycling is good for doggy depression too!

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