Is your child fat?

As you can see from this post, lifelong good health starts early. There are excellent tools here to make sure your children get off to the right start.


IS YOUR CHILD FAT? Here’s a question a growing segment of our PARENTAL population is going to have to begin asking themselves. The need to face REALITY is NOT based on aesthetics but rather the diseases and traumatic life altering compromises our children face if we continue to avoid this topic. The argument, “we should […]

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4 responses to “Is your child fat?

  1. This one hits hard for me. My eldest daughter was big. We spoke with her about it but little progress was made. Then she started growing and at the same time we fixed her diet (she tended to eat a lot). Now she’s a lean, mean swimming and diving machine. My youngest had the body of a model and the metabolism to match. It’s strange how that works, even within a family.

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  2. Thank you for sharing this message, Tony. It’s a tough subject to write about and even more difficult for many families to deal with.

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