How To Stop a Cold Before It Starts

This post is full of good positive ideas for keeping up our strength and health through the challenging winter months. Although it mentions colds, it covers a lot of other good ground.

Regarding sleep, please check out my Page – How important is a good night’s sleep? for more details.


The item on stress is a point well-taken. I have written about the damage and dangers of stress lots of times. You can search it in the box at the right. I recommend checking out Super tools for handling stress. I wrote it five years ago and it has tons of useful ideas.



Our Better Health

Natural preventatives and some common sense will keep you from getting sick — or staying that way for long.

It’s a double-whammy: getting sick during the winter combines feeling crummy with many people’s less-than-favorite time of year. And if you do have to go outside when you have a cold, you’re probably going to be even more uncomfortable.

Getting sick at least once during the winter is, arguably, inevitable. With more and more of us crowded onto planes, buses, trains and offices, the likelihood of contracting a virus is high. But the suggestions below can help you shorten the length of a cold, avoid a repeat or avoid a worsening (a cold-related cough that turns into bronchitis, for example).

Sleep: If you need a concrete reason to turn off the tube or close the computer and get to bed (beyond that it’s “good for you”) then consider this: Dr. Diwakar…

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4 responses to “How To Stop a Cold Before It Starts

  1. Samantha

    You’re a month late with this… But I’ll take it in for my next cold 😉

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  2. Another great post. Proactive Approaches x Positive Coping Strategies changes everything. So empowering. Thanks for sharing Tony!

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