Some vintage ads and your health

I stumbled across these old ads in my web wanderings and thought they might amuse you. We had some really goofy ideas a few years back.


Are your donuts fortified with at least 25 units of B Vitamins?


Nothing like a doctor’s recommendation to guide your cigarette smoking.



It wasn’t that long ago that cigarettes permeated our lives.


An energetic looking Tootsie Roll ad.



No sense eating broccoli plain when  you can drown it in Velveeta.



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8 responses to “Some vintage ads and your health

  1. Geez, how about the coke toothache pills?!

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  2. Wow! Cocaine toothache drops? Seriously???? I remember my mother (who grew up in the 30s and 40s) telling me how they glorified cigarettes back in her day and made women believe they were “sexy” if they had a cigarette between their fingers! After seeing some of the older cigarette ads, I believe it!

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    • No kidding. If you see some of the old Edward R. Murrow interviews on early TV, he was puffing away. Smokes were everywhere.


      • I was surprised a few weeks ago when I was watching some old replays of Johnny Carson from the 1970s. He was sitting there interviewing a guest while puffing on a cigarette. Every now and then he would put the cigarette down in an ashtray. It just struck me as funny to see a talk show host more or less blowing smoke on his guests! That’s something you just don’t see today!


  3. Makes me wonder what ads we have current day will be looked back on as ridiculous. Thanks for sharing these!

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