First bike ride of 2017

The temp in Chicago this morning ranged between 28 and 32F. I rode 15 miles (around an hour) in my first ride of the year. Below is a picture of a peloton of fellow riders (you may have to squint to see them) heading south along the Lakefront bike path. I hope you can see their colorful cycling outfits. The cars behind them are northbound on Lake Shore Drive. IMG_1276 (2).jpg As you can see from the picture, it was a wonderful clear crisp day. Thankfully there was little wind in the Windy City this morning.

Below you can see from the brilliant colors how clear the light was. This is a view looking north from approximately 100 yards away from where I live.


For the year 2016, I managed around 5300 miles. This is slightly down from recent years, but not too shabby for a 76 year old. I seem to have been busier in 2016 for some reason. I did travel to Las Vegas four times and Reno once, so there was no bike riding in those 25 odd days.

I consider myself very fortunate to live near the Lakefront bike path. When I ride before sunrise I get some breathtaking views of the sun coming up over Lake Michigan. Below is a recent shot taken just before the sun came up. That’s world famous Navy Pier with its Ferris wheel. While sunrises can be magnificent, I think the electric lights in this picture look stunning. I am guessing the sun came up about 20 minutes after I shot this.IMG_1008.jpg

I also get some wonderful views of cloud formations. Below shows an impending storm coming in from the southwest. That’s the bike path in the foreground looking south.


Everyone knows what selfies are, right? Well, below is my version – a shadow selfie. These angles are possible just after the sun comes up. This is me in front of the stairs leading to Lake Shore Drive. You can’t see it, but Buckingham Fountain is across Lake Shore Drive just beyond these steps.


Below is a runner just before sunrise.


Finally, here is a picture taken on the same morning about 15 minutes later as the sun had risen further. Again, you can see the Navy Pier Ferris wheel in the background. You can see a silhouette of a runner. For some reason few of the runners I see in the morning dark bother to wear any lights or reflective items. IMG_0214.jpg

I consider myself most fortunate that I have a resource like the lakefront bike path right outside my door. I think you can see from these shots that my morning ride refreshes my soul as well as my body.






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6 responses to “First bike ride of 2017

  1. Nice pictures Tony. We’re a little warmer here in the south but no sunshine here. Been raining steadily the past 2-3 days. Happy New Year!

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  2. Looks like a nice day Tony! I’m in AZ and it’s been raining. Great amount of miles you put in! I’m 57 and started the year a little slow and got a 1000 miles in on the bike. Thought I was doing pretty good until I saw what you did!!! Wow! Keep it up! I’ve enjoyed following you for about a year or so. Thoroughly enjoy your energy, info and enthusiasm! Thank you!

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    • HI, Garry. Thanks for your kind words. Very nice to meet you. Happy to help. You know it is a one day at a time thing. Yes, it was gorgeous actually. Only stopped riding because I wanted to watch football. The bike is a blessing. Glad you found it. Make sure you get some exercise every day. You are in a good place. I think I was at my most unhealthy in my 50’s. Keep up the good work!


  3. Samantha

    Oh wow, those pictures are great! Looks like you had an amazing first ride of the year! Hope many more like this one will follow 🙂

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