The Trump presidency, one month later

A while back I posted on the shameful performance of John Harwood  in the coverage of the CNBC Presidential Debate as well as subsequent acts. Sadly, the same is true of numerous other members of the national media. Since the Presidential Election, the mainstream press has come down hard on the President Elect, suggesting and calling him outright a bigot, misogynist, war monger and worse. This is the same mainstream media that was totally astonished at Mr. Trump’s defeat of their darling Hillary Clinton. This kind of shock only happens when someone is totally out of touch with the situation. I think that is the case with the mainstream media. They don’t report the news anymore; instead they give us their version of what they think we should believe – and value. I say this with a heavy heart having practiced professional journalism for 20 years with Reuters.


Regular readers now that I am going to be 77 years old next month and  have only been doing business at this health stand for the past six plus years. Before that I reported on financial and commodity markets and then left the business. I taught journalism for two years at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism before going back into the financial arena at a major philanthropic organization where I spent the last five years of my career managing their $900 million bond investments.

I wanted to share that background with you because in my position as a money manager, I met some of the clearest thinking intelligent people I have ever encountered. Ray Dalio, Chairman and Chief Investment Officer at Bridgewater Associates is one of them. Although it was over 10 years ago, I believe he managed around $25 million dollars for me.

I am bringing up Mr. Dalio because he has just written one of the most intelligent analyses I have seen of  what is likely to follow the Presidential Election. If you are interested in his thoughts, check out Reflections on the Trump Presidency, One Month after the Election.  It’s on Linked In.

I am not excerpting or summarizing it, because I don’t want to do anything to distort what he wrote.

If you want to comment on it, feel free, but it isn’t necessary. I am satisfied to put forward something straightforward by a clear thinker who is not trying to sell anybody anything. I hope you enjoy reading it. I did.


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