Fitness funnies early in the week

Seems I have accumulated enough of these to share them with you, so here goes.


Yes, I will take any excuse to run a picture of Wondy.



As a child of the ’40’s I spent hours reading comic books and still respond to the wonderful graphic simplicity of the art.

cl960612-1.gifvegan cartoon2.jpgvegan cartoon5.gif

Have a great week!



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10 responses to “Fitness funnies early in the week

  1. Did you know there is actually a such thing as a Quadruple Bypass Burger? Almost 10,000 calories… Think of how many miles you’d have to ride to burn one off!

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  2. eths

    Did you read Brenda Starr? I followed her religiously, and I never knew the cartoon was drawn and written by Dale Messick, a woman, very unusual for that time.

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  3. Great way to put a smile on a face on a TUESDAY!

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  4. Reblogged this on Belle Papillon 24/7 and commented:
    I think this is just too funny not to reblog… LOL

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