Can exercise erase damage from excessive sitting? – Harvard

I confess that only last year I was ignorant of the fact that sitting for a prolonged period was very hazardous to your health. Since then, I have erased much of my ignorance with a number of posts. You can check them out on my Page – Do you know the dangers of too much sitting? So I was gratified to read the latest info on sitting from the Harvard Medical School.

“Can an hour of brisk walking counteract the downsides of sitting for most of the day? Maybe, according to a study published online July 27, 2016, by The Lancet.

BTD 22012.jpg

Since biking is one the of the suggested exercises, I thought I would include this shot of Gabi and me riding in Chicago’s annual Bike the Drive on famed Lake Shore Drive. 

“Earlier research has linked physical inactivity and excessive sitting to a higher risk of heart disease and early death. The new study analyzed data from 13 studies involving more than one million adults, mostly ages 45 and older.

“Researchers found that in terms of death rates, sitting more than eight hours daily and exercising very little (about five minutes a day) was as risky as smoking or being obese. But 60 to 75 minutes of moderate-intensity activity—such as brisk walking or cycling—per day seemed to eliminate the increased risk of death in people who sat for more than eight hours a day. (my emphasis)

“Studies like these that follow people over time can’t prove cause and effect, since it’s not possible to account for the many factors that affect a person’s risk of dying. But the findings are a good reminder to avoid sitting too much and to be as active as possible.”

One last good aspect of this information which clearly my idea that exercise is the closest thing to a fountain of youth that we are going to find on this earth. Use it or lose it.



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  1. You look great on that bike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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