Research Reveals How A Single Choice Affects Mental Health More Than Medications

Regular readers know that I have stressed the importance of exercise for the brain. So, it seems a logical corollary that food also affects the brain as well as the body.



Our Better Health

“We need to get serious
about the critical role played by nutrition.”

– Julia Rucklidge, Clinical Psychologist

We pretty much all agree that good nutritional habits are vital to good physical health, yes? But what about mental health? Do good nutritional habits translate to a healthier mental state? On the surface, it would make sense. After all, the food that we eat contains nutrients – and these nutrients are transported throughout our entire body via our bloodstream. We already know that the brain requires nutrients to operate effectively…so, yeah, it makes sense.

But is eating right more important to mental health than prescription medicine?

Ah, this is a bit trickier. After all, pharmaceuticals are research-intensive and science-based products that have undergone extensive trial and error, often over a period of multiple years. These same products have earned the coveted “seal of approval” from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)…no easy…

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3 responses to “Research Reveals How A Single Choice Affects Mental Health More Than Medications

  1. It’s interesting how we try to separate the health benefits that healthy nutrition plays both mentally and physically. We are INTEGRATED as a living organism and require ongoing balance of all systems to maintain good health. This is the natural state of the human body and mind. Our unknowing and unintentional acts sabotage this natural process creating all sorts of imbalances resulting in various named diseases. Rather than focusing on these individually named diseases, our time would be better spent correcting the harmful lifestyle so many live. Instead, we choose to medicate and place a large part of the responsibility on our doctor’s shoulders and the prescriptions they provide. This model, unfortunately, will NEVER restore GOOD HEALTH to a majority of people in our society. At best, it will maintain chronic disease; at worst it will lead to collateral damage causing secondary and tertiary complications reducing the quality of life even more.

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  2. I always enjoy fact-based writing on why its important to eat right and exercise. It’s very easy to lose sight of our goals when we aren’t reminded of why they are so important to begin with. It’s goes much deeper than the physical benefits. Proper nutrition and exercise have been my most reliable sources of relief when not feeling my best physically or mentally.

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