The Portion Plate – Size Does Matter

I stumbled on this a while back. The Portion Plate looks kind of like a kid’s plate with the illustrations on it, playing cards, a cassette a CD, a baseball, but it is for adults. The Portion Plate gives graphic demonstrations of how big a serving should be. I think it is a great idea in this world that bombards us with super-sized servings of everything and totally distorting idea of proper portion sizes. This group sees portion sizes as “contributing to the obesity epidemic and putting roughly one-third of Americans at risk for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and some cancers…”

Their Fact Sheet offers the following five items:

1. Helps people make decisions about how much food to eat. It is a strategy that someone can start using right away with their next meal. The research suggests that portion control is behaviorally easier to begin using than other weight control strategies.

2. Re-trains the mind and increases awareness about proper portion sizes to control unintentional over-eating. • The visual cues are easily understood and closely relate to suggested portion sizes • The luncheon size plate helps people serve themselves smaller portions.

3. Teaches proper proportions or the healthy components of any diet.

4. Reinforces USDA New Food Guide Pyramid healthy eating guidelines with color coding.

5. Links healthy eating with healthy outcomes such as learning better, playing better, doing better and being better. (Kid’s plate) Deliberately avoids reference to eating and appearance.

From personal experience I can attest that once I got portion sizes integrated into my thinking about food, I began to get control of my weight. You can read How I Lost 50 Pounds for more details.


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