Mayo Clinic – What is Nonexercise Activity Thermogenesis?

The Mayo Clinic Health Letter asks if something as simple as getting out of your chair can improve your health? Surprisingly, it can.

It’s based on the concept of nonexercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT). NEAT is all of the calories (energy) you burn simply by living, rather than through exercise. This includes carrying in groceries, playing charades or sitting less. NEAT activities can lead to reduced body fat, improved cholesterol levels, a healthier heart and reduced risk of common weight-related conditions. (my emphasis)


Consider working at a standing desk …

The movements you make throughout the day may not provide the benefits of regular exercise. But if you struggle to fit exercise into your day or if you have a sedentary lifestyle, increasing your daily NEAT can provide a boost in your physical activity.

To include more NEAT in your day:
•    Stand while on the phone
•    Walk around the house during TV commercials
•    Park in the farthest spot in a parking lot
•    Dance around the house while cooking and cleaning
•    Tackle yard work — water plants, pull weeds, clear rocks and sticks
•    Tend a garden
•    Invest in a movement-based video game system such as a Wii
•    Wash your car by hand
•    Organize your closets
•    Use a standing desk
•    Take up a new craft
•    Volunteer — set up or take down an event, greet at the door, serve a meal

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Must confess that while I never heard if the term NEAT, I love the principle. This fits right in with eat less; move more; live longer – the mantra of this blog.

I would just like to add that my Page Do you know the dangers of too much sitting? fits right in here.


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