Brain boosters & brain busters – Infographic

This is a nice little roundup of foods that benefit the brain and those that don’t.  I was pleasantly surprised to see pumpkin seeds on the list and good for it as I love them and snack on them regularly. Check out my post Are pumpkin seeds good for you? for more, or you can type pumpkin seeds into the search box at the right. I think I have posted on them about five times.

Regular readers know I am a big fan of brain lore in general. Please check out my Page – Important facts about your brain (and exercise benefits) to read further on this critical organ.




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5 responses to “Brain boosters & brain busters – Infographic

  1. Samantha

    I used to hate tomatoes but have recently learned to appreciate them. Now I am twice as happy about that 🙂

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  2. I laughed at the processed food one, with the line drawn through GMO… Two completely different things, feeding ignorance.

    I’m on board with all of the brain food though… well, except broccoli. Broccoli is bad.


  3. It’s hard to find evidence that substantiates claims of food that prevents cognitive decline and dementia, one study will counter the claims of another, prevention through avoiding alcohol, and smoking and regular exercise has been proven consistently with research though

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