The Best Foods For A Long Life

Some very good examples here. We need to eat right as well as exercise often to keep the reaper at bay.


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Besides the extra-virgin olive oil, I recommend:

Why you should include coconut oil in our diet


Our Better Health

What you eat can affect your health and your longevity.
Here, the best foods for a long life — and which ones to avoid.

Longevity isn’t just about delaying death — it’s about enjoying more years of health and vitality. In her book, The Longevity Diet, dietician Leslie Beck outlines the ways food choices affect the aging process and help to delay the onset of age-related chronic illnesses.

First, certain foods can cause or prevent inflammation in the body. We’re not just talking arthritis; chronic inflammation also contributes to illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease, heart attack and type 2 diabetes. Foods that are high in antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, monounsaturated fat and phytochemicals promote the production of anti-inflammatory compounds. In contrast, foods which are high in fat, refined sugars and refined starches can promote inflammation. (See Can food fight inflammation? for more details.)

Second, foods containing high levels of antioxidants combat…

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  1. I’m good all the way up to the Chia seeds. I had a nutritional bar made of the stuff and, well let’s just say I was not pleased. Great post.


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