What about our waistline and our weight? – Infographic

I think this is a really intelligent discussion of the subject of weight. I especially like the conclusion as it meets my bias perfectly.


Eat less; move more; live longer.



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5 responses to “What about our waistline and our weight? – Infographic

  1. it’s all about waistline. BMI is largely meaningless. Arnie had BMI of 32 (technically obese) in his prime but his waist was only 32″. There is a direct correlation between waist and diseases such as cancer, diabetes, stroke, CVD, etc etc

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  2. Great infograph, Tony. One of the biggest problems we face with weight issues is the reality of food addiction AND a lack of willingness to implement activities (ex. exercise) needed to achieve and maintain overall good health. The FREEDOM OF CHOICE our country is so proud of includes the FREEDOM OF CHOICE to abstain from a lifestyle necessary for good health. The physical, emotional and finacial costs of this reality will require greater effort than balancing our trillions of dollars of national debt. Ultimately, people are not going to like the solutions!

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