More reasons to eat fruit – Infographic

As warm weather is upon us and summer approaches, I thought it might be nice to see the health benefits of some of our summer favorites.


My own personal favorite among these is watermelon. Check out these posts for more health benefits of watermelon:

Vita Mix – drinking a watermelon

What about some polar opposites – watermelon and Twinkies? – Infographic

More good reasons to eat watermelon



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2 responses to “More reasons to eat fruit – Infographic

  1. Samantha

    I know bananas are runner’s food! And now I know why I look so much younger than I am, because I loooooove strawberries! 🙂

    Fruits are awesome (except when someone uses about… 5 bananas to top your waffles -_-). Great post again, Tony. Thank you for sharing this healthy info with us 🙂

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