How Dangerous is it to Exercise Outdoors in a Heat Wave?

As we sit here on the brink of summer with record heat on the West Coast as well as the Southeastern U.S., I thought it useful to reblog this item I wrote during a heat wave a while back.

Parents, please keep in mind that you must not leave little children in hot cars. The Weather Channel reported that there have already been NINE deaths of young children  this year.


Health Secrets of a SuperAger

O’Hare airport recorded a 94-degree high Saturday –the 9th 90-degree day so far this month and 14th of the season

Yesterday I delineated the danger signs of exercising in hot weather, but didn’t explain exactly how heat impacted the body itself.

Also I mentioned in an earlier post that my doctor told me not to go biking when there are 90 plus degree heat advisories. My daily biking has brought my resting heart rate down below 50 and I have less than 17 percent body fat on me. I am in great shape and prior to my doctor warning me about it, I had ridden regularly in heat waves. She said that despite my conditioning it was not safe for me. She said that she also told her 40 year old patients not to go out either.

I have to confess that I was skeptical about this. I do believe…

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