Mr. Lazy Cook Makes a Quick Tasty Panini

My grown daughter and her husband gave me a panini maker as a gift some years ago. It was great fun and I made panini sandwiches regularly for a while. Then I got tired of it and moved the appliance off my counter. It has now been around five years since I made a panini.

This billboard truck started it all

I was out on a bike ride yesterday and happened upon a billboard truck with a picture of a panini on it. They were advertising for a local eaterie. As it happens, I passed the truck several times. By the third time, my mouth was watering and I had determined that I would make myself a panini when I got home. Theirs looked so good. I posted about it for willingwheeling. One picture is worth a thousand words, or in this case, a tasty 283 calories.

So, what kind of panini to make upon returning? Mr. Lazy Cook looked in his cabinets and fridge and came up with the following: a loaf of sprouted rye bread, check. A can of salmon from Costco, check. Crumbled gorgonzola cheese for snacking with apples, check. This was enough for me. I could make a healthy sammy with an interesting taste, judging from the ingredients.

Mr. Lazy Cook’s salmon and crumbled gorgonzola panini

I basted both sides of the bread with olive oil to add a little depth to the flavor, then put a serving of salmon on top one slice of bread. On top of this I added about two tablespoons of crumbled gorgonzola cheese. I took the remaining slice of bread, topped up the sammy and put it into the scorching panini maker for about a minute.

What came out looked a lot like the sammy on the billboard truck. I enjoyed the combination of flavors very much. The cheese melted into the bread and moistened the salmon.

Here is the nutritional breakdown:
The sprouted rye, 120 calories, 2 grams of fat, no cholesterol, 260 mg of Sodium, 14 grams of carbs, 6 grams of fiber and 10 grams of protein.
The cheese – 63 calories, 5.2 grams of fat, 3.3 grams of saturated fat, 13.4 grams cholesterol, 250 grams of Sodium, no carbs or fiber and 3.8 grams of protein.
The salmon had 60 calories, 10 grams of fat, 20 mg of cholesterol, 220 mg of Sodium, no carbs of fiber and 13 grams of protein.
I am guessing that I moistened the bread with a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil for 40 calories and 4.7 grams of fat.

It proved to be a tasty sammy with 283 calories. I think the large amount of sodium is one of the main reasons I don’t have many paninis any more.

If you want a quick and tasty high protein treat consider this one. It boasts 27 grams of protein. That’s half most adults’ daily requirement.



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2 responses to “Mr. Lazy Cook Makes a Quick Tasty Panini

  1. eths

    Sounds delicious, but like for you it has a bit too much salt. Do you know of any breads that are tasty and are not loaded with salt?


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