The Hazards of Being Male – Infographic

Normally, I love these infographics, but this one on men’s health facts was kind of a downer. As it states only 30% of men’s overall health is genetic, so we must be making a whole lot of bad choices. Come on, guys! Think.




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2 responses to “The Hazards of Being Male – Infographic

  1. It is one thing not to know certain behaviors and habits promote disease and poor quality living; it is another to knowingly deny these bad behaviors and habits will affect our lives. For those that value their health, living lives that promote good health must become life long habits. It is foolish to harm oneself everyday with food toxicities and sedentary living waiting for eventual “bad news” before altering one’s lifestyle. Does quality health require such sacrifice we would rather medicate ourselves and live with chronic diseases for most of our lives? Maybe we need to stop procrastinating and start facing and accepting the responsibilities of our choices. Maybe TODAY is a good day to decide how much each of us values our lives!

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