Dark chocolate’s beneficial deeds

This looks like pleasant news for chocolate-loving endurance jocks.

I have previously written about raw cacao powder which seems a similarly good addition to the diet. I include it in my morning smoothie.

What are the benefits of raw cacao – Infographic

How and why you should add raw cacao to your diet

Also, Why should I eat more dark chocolate?



Focus on food safety

Only dark chocolate is beneficial to health (Photo: André Karwath) There are several different varieties of chocolate (Photo: André Karwath)

Having dealt with hazards in food during a lifetime, it is always nice to be able to look at the benefit side. We all need good news stories. However, even good news stories can be deceptive. There is much fuss made over what is called superfoods, while the overall diet is more important. And scientists test individual food components in isolation reporting highly beneficial effects in unrealistic animal experiments that have no relevance to real life. Resveratrol that can be found in red wine is supposed to be heart protective, but will require daily consumption of many bottles of wine to reach an effective dose.

But dark chocolate seems to be the real thing with normal consumption amounts sufficient to be beneficial to health.

Not all chocolates are the same

Chocolate is made from cocoa solids (cacao), mixed with fat (cocoa butter) and finely powdered sugar to produce…

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